What inspiration and support do you need to reach your polo potential?

  • To banish fears, self-doubt and anxiety in myself and my performance. GET STARTED

  • To build a growth mindset, a healthy resilient body and to always perform to my full potential.  GET STARTED

  • My colleagues to have a holistic view and buy-in to how a high performing team runs. GET STARTED

  • A measurable way of tracking my team’s loyalty, feelings and performance. GET STARTED

  • To increase team performance and sustain momentum from season to season. GET STARTED

  • To develop a team blueprint to become best in breed and to continuously improve. GET STARTED

  • My team to be ego-free, accountable and to sing from the same hymn sheet. GET STARTED





Polo Performance Programmes


About Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker and RAISE Polo Coaching

= Peak Polo Performance & Pleasure of the Game

For 25+ years, Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker has transformed the lives of several thousand high performing individuals and several hundred teams.

Tapping into the DNA of outstanding people and world class organisations has allowed Stalkie to capture the sequences, model them and share his learnings live and online via his renowned RAISE coaching programmes.

Stalkie’s sweet spot is his deep-rooted understanding of the science and psychology of human motivation and wellbeing, aligned with savvy, intuitive tools that can be quickly applied and embedded in the daily routines of competitive sports teams.

His RAISE Polo mindset, health and performance programmes for individual polo patrons, coaches and players solve the stubbornest of mentality, communication and team culture barriers.

Stalkies polo mission is to set player and team potential free, nurture it, focus it and allow it to flourish on and off the field.  In short:

Growth Mindset, Mental & Physical Resilience = Peak Polo Performance & Pleasure of the Game

Our RAISE Polo Core Values

  • Treat others how you wish to be treated

  • Give more to the team than you wish to receive

  • Believe you can achieve

  • Seek to understand before seeking to be understood

  • Look for the good in yourself and in others

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