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a group of people riding horses on a grass field
polo players riding horses on a field
a polo player riding a horse
a polo player riding a horse
a man and a woman on a polo field
polo players riding horses on a field
a group of people riding horses on a grass field
a man and a woman on a polo field
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About RAISE Polo Coaching

For the last 25+ years, the RAISE team have transformed the lives of several thousand high performing individuals and several hundred teams in sport and business by tapping into the DNA of outstanding people and world class organisations which has allowed RAISE to capture and model their successful sequences and share learnings in person, live in situ and online via RAISE coaching programmes.

RAISE coaches understand the science and practical psychology of human motivation and wellbeing and align this with intuitive tools that can be quickly applied and embedded in the daily routines of competitive polo teams. The RAISE Polo mindset and performance programmes for individual polo patrons, coaches and players solve the stubbornest of mental, communication and team culture barriers. RAISE Polo’s mission is to set player and team potential free, nurture and focus it enabling it to flourish on and off the field.

Growth Mindset, Mental & Physical Resilience = Peak Polo Performance & Pleasure of the Game

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Our RAISE Polo Performance Programmes

We believe that a strong mindset is the key to unlocking your true potential on the field. Our mindset coaching program equips polo players with the tools and strategies they need to overcome mental obstacles and perform at their best.

RAISE Polo: Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching helps polo players overcome fear and self-doubt, enhancing focus, resilience, and performance to unlock their full potential and achieve excellence.

a group of people riding horses on a grass field

RAISE Polo: Team Diagnostic

With RAISE's proven methods, enhance your polo team's performance and wellbeing. Our 25-year expertise and diagnostic process set the stage for lasting success and world-class engagement.

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RAISE Polo: Team Success Formula

Craft your team's roadmap to success with our Polo Team Bible. It aligns your vision with team aspirations, fosters peak performance mindset, and builds a strong foundation of shared values and benchmarks.

RAISE Polo: Community

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RAISE Polo: Winning Mindset Course

Learn from the best as you develop the mental fortitude, strategic thinking, and unwavering confidence that champions possess. With our comprehensive course and thriving community of polo players, coaches, and patrons, you'll have the support and tools to elevate your polo skills and dominate the field.

RAISE Polo: Core Values

Treat others how you wish to be treated

At RAISE Polo, we believe in fostering an environment of respect and kindness, where every interaction is guided by empathy and understanding.

Believe you can achieve anything

We instil a mindset of possibility and confidence, encouraging our players to believe in their potential and their ability to reach their goals.

Give more to the team than you wish to receive

We promote a culture of generosity and selflessness, where each team member is committed to contributing to the team's success above their individual gain.

Seek to understand before seeking to be understood

We value active listening and open-mindedness, encouraging our players to seek understanding of others' perspectives before expressing their own.

Look for the good in yourself and in others

We foster a positive environment where we celebrate strengths, acknowledge efforts, and see the best in ourselves and each other.

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RAISE Polo: Track Record

Read Stalkie’s Mindset Column in The Polo Times

Stay up to date with the most recent and exciting news, features, and insights from Polo Times, the leading publication in the sport of polo.

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RAISE Your Polo Game is a game-changing book that reveals the psychological techniques and strategies used by the world's top polo players.

Discover how you can elevate your mindset, boost your performance, and unlock your true potential on the field.

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"Stalkie may be worth more than 1,000 hours of standard polo training. He’s made me realise how I can control my emotions and make the best of them, to work against negative influences. He’s helped us work together as a team, getting us into the peak performance mindset, teaching us to let go of our personal stuff and focus on the most important thing – the match of the moment. We’re a happy, overall more bonded team thanks to Stalkie"

Pier Mueller

Professional Polo Player

RAISE Your Polo Game Book