RAISE Polo Way

RAISE Polo Way

Create your polo team bible – the ultimate best practise user-guide for patron, coach and team unity for now and seasons to come.

Having a specified ‘way’ of running your polo team provides the golden thread in bringing your team’s vision, mission and values alive.

It sets out your expectations and goals for the team and the strategies, processes and behaviours required to deliver championship success.

Working in partnership with RAISE Polo, we will capture the very best version of all aspects of your operation in a single user-friendly document (online and hard copy) – the ultimate user guide for your current and future team.

Your polo team ‘Way’ will help you to coach and embed the on-brand mindset and tools that your team need to play to the very best of their ability. Fulfilling their personal and professional potential under your guidance will guarantee their energy and loyalty.

Your polo Way provides a definitive framework for your team values, beliefs, and performance benchmarks. It outlines how the team acts and the high standards that patron, coach, players and support team use to build confidence and trust in your set up.

Here is a snapshot of some typical content of current polo team Ways:


  • From past to present


  • Meet our team


  • Our 1-3 year plan

Our Core Values

  • How we bring our core values alive

Training & Developing Talent

  • What our team and one to one coaching look like

The Benefits of an Engaged & Proactive Team

  • Our Way of playing
  • Playing as one and trusting each other

 Keeping Our Talent Engaged

  • Playing to Our Strengths
  • Giving recognition & Looking for the Good
  • Setting Clear Expectations

Developing a Winning Mindset Training Programme

  • What is a Winning Mindset?
  • Understanding Personal and Team Motivation
  • The Power of Playing Polo in the Present
  • Turning Performance Fears into Power
  • Playing the Game with Gratitude
  • Making Focus & Body Language Count
  • Being in Control of How You Play
  • The Power of Praise in Polo
  • Logging Our Successes
  • Developing Self-Belief

Winning Health & Vitality

  • The basics of a healthy body
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Avoid toxicity
  • Maintaining a fit & relaxed body

What Our Training Looks Like

  • Team training sessions
  • Watching the game together

What Our Match Day Looks Like

  • Kit discipline
  • Timings
  • Running order

The RAISE Polo Way is a bespoke programme based upon the specific needs and budgets of each individual team. The price will be agreed after your initial free ‘discovery’ conversation with Stalkie and the RAISE Polo team.

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