RAISE Polo Diagnostic

RAISE Polo Diagnostic

Find out what your team needs to stop, start and continue doing to achieve sustainable excellence.

To build a high performing polo team that grows successfully, sustainably and joyfully, you will always need highly motivated players, playing for you for the right reason.

This involves consistent investment in ‘intangibles’ such as the mindset, health and wellbeing, trust, resilience, accountability, behaviour and enjoyment levels of your players.

For over 25 years, Stalkie and the RAISE Coaching team have delivered transformational programmes across hundreds of sports teams in the UK, Europe and US.

By shifting engagement to world class levels for our clients, the return on their investment paints a compelling picture… and it all starts with a RAISE Diagnostic.

A RAISE Polo Diagnostic involves the swift gathering of qualitative and quantitative data about your team.

Our report will detail challenging areas and those of excellence, with recommendations of what to stop, start and continue doing. This means you have a true benchmark for your team’s performance and a base from which to build and measure improvements.

Conducted in person and/or online by Stalkie and the RAISE team, the RAISE Polo Diagnostic is tailored to the needs of each individual team.

Your needs are discussed at an initial FREE ‘discovery’ conversation with Stalkie and the RAISE team. Once your needs are agreed, the Diagnostic is drawn from a combination of tools to best suit your current team environment and communication channels. These include…

  • One-to-One player/coach/patron/wider team interviews

Provide feedback (both positive and negative) on the internal health of the organisation

Measure player motivation and satisfaction

  • Tailored team surveys

Inform which actions will create problems or solutions for your team

Measure the impact of current strategy, tactics and ways of working

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Fast and highly effective metric to gauge player commitment and loyalty

  • 5 Dysfunctions assessment

Sure-fire way of measuring and strengthening the levels of trust, healthy debate, commitment, accountability and results in your team. It’s a great tune-up even for the healthiest of teams

  • DISC Behavioural Profiling

DISC is a self-evaluating assessment to understand communication styles, driving forces and patterns of current mindset and behaviour

The RAISE Polo Diagnostic is a bespoke programme based upon the specific needs and budgets of each individual team. The price will be agreed after your initial free ‘discovery’ conversation with Stalkie and the RAISE team.

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