Polo Player Mindset & Performance Coaching

One to One Mindset and Health Coaching

When an individual polo player or team compete, they can be their own worst enemies.

Does your head get in the way of your performance? Do slumps in form, repetitive performance problems, self-doubt, nagging injuries, poor focus and endurance or frustration at things ‘beyond your control’ prevent success?

Are such blocks preventing you from moving up to the next level? Have you suddenly lost the ability to be calm and purposeful under pressure?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then RAISE Polo Coaching will teach you how to get you and your team back on track, develop mental and physical resilience and avoid future mental traps.

Becoming a champion on the polo field requires every player to pay their mental and physical dues. There is no shortcut to reaching your goals.

You have to work hard, build mindset and muscle strength, improve your speed of thought and action, increase endurance, and hone the technique required to play at a high level.

By making this kind of mental and physical investment and working hard at it, you will move towards excellence.

Once you get onto the field for any trial, run-out or game, the difference between playing high quality or poor polo lies completely between your ears. When the game is on the line and the competitive pressure ramps up, playing to your potential is all about how well you can execute mentally.

The biggest concentration mistake that polo players make is focusing on the uncontrollables.

Championship concentration means that you have to focus on what you’re DOING and not on what you’re THINKING.

Keep your focus on seeing, reading and reacting – reading the field and position of the other players around you; instinctively seeing your best move and then reacting intuitively.

Polo is too fast a game to play well unless your concentration is in the right place when the heat is on.

As a Peak Polo Performance Coach, Stalkie works with individual polo players and teams at all levels. He specialises in helping players get unstuck and playing to their potential when it counts the most.

One to one player and team coaching is provided in person through onsite sessions and workshops, supplemented by Zoom and online platforms.

  • Recognise and avoid performance-disrupting mental traps
  • Think like a winner and perform mentally tough
  • Stay calm on the field and rebound quickly from mistakes and bad breaks
  • Eliminate the destructive effects of psych-outs and intimidation
  • Take player energy, nutrition and fitness to the next level
  • Learn the concentration, focus and winning strategies of Olympic medallists

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