Polo Patron and Coach Coaching

Polo Patron & Coach Coaching

Let me tell you right now some of the challenges that I have helped polo patrons, coaches and team managers overcome. Some of them may sound familiar…

Do you get frustrated when your players struggle mentally or are suddenly unable to perform a skill they have been doing for months?

Do you wish you had the skills and tools as a coach to best help them navigate upsetting blocks, fears, or slumps? Are you feeling like you are ready to take your coaching to the next level?

Can your players quickly let go of their mistakes and get their head back in the action? Players who get really mad at themselves for screw-ups, who carry around their mistakes during the game end up rapidly losing their confidence and making more mistakes.

Likewise, players who get mad at others for screw-ups, who carry a blame mentality around mistakes during the game end up rapidly shattering the confidence and trust of their team members.

What about those players who just don’t fully buy in to your team values? They take poorly to coaching or instruction, their conduct is erratic on and off field, they seem disrespectful to fellow players or grooms and generally have too much self-interest and diva-like qualities.

Are you worn down by negotiating the complicated dynamics of managing coach and player, or player to player communication?

Are your players struggling to hear and/or implement your feedback? Are you dealing with a complicated situation with your team or club that you could use a second opinion on and a fresh perspective?

As you can gather, after 25+ years of peak performance coaching, there’s not much I’ve not seen, heard and dealt with!

RAISE Polo Coaching guarantees better results with your team.

Topics covered are tailored to meet the specific needs of your vision and concerns of the coach and players.

One to one patron and coach coaching is provided in person through onsite sessions and workshops, supplemented by Zoom and online platforms.

  • Know the do’s and don’ts for pre-game motivation
  • Become a better motivator
  • Train your players to be mentally resilient
  • Know how to get players to work with, not against you.
  • Understand the secrets of slump-busting and winning streaks
  • Teach your players to stay cool in the heat of competition
  • Know what to stop, start and continue to develop a unified, winning team
  • Mentally prepare a team for big competitions
  • Develop your desired, sustainable way of working
  • Problem-solve individual player concerns, cultural differences and communication dynamics,

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